Yves Cabbanes of the United Nations invited to sort out North Cyprus property problem

It seems that Mr Yves Cabbanes of the United Nations is appalled and disgusted with the UK for for legally moving on Travellers from a site they have never paid a penny for, will foul unforgivably and who would probably move on by their own volition eventually anyway.  During the time before they move on they will have made the hard working tax paying locals’ lives a misery, used every social service provided and not even say ‘thank you’.
Well Mr Cabbanes, do I have a mission for you.  Get your backsides over here to the TRNC and come to the aid of some real victims.  You can start by bringing the sort of media coverage you have given to these ‘travellers’, you can shout your mouth off accusing the Government and the legal system of violating the victims’ Human Rights, and you will be telling the truth for a change.  You can start with the Kulaksiz 5 who face imminent eviction and they really have done no wrong.  They paid for their homes, they didn’t just move in during the night and take it as their right to live there. Their story is well known so if you are a genuine campaigner and not a headline ‘hogger’ I dare you to come and help them.
Then when you have helped the K5, you can move on and help Tutuska, Armacon, Sercem, Santa Fe, Boyut, Kofali Recaioglu victims, and oh so many more. Then you can use your talents to right the wrongs by sorting out the scrotes who think they can demand further money from buyers by whatever means takes their fancy.  We have a lifetime’s work just waiting for a man like you.  Are you the man for the job or is it just not ‘sexy’ enough for you.
I promise you, we will say ‘THANK YOU’. 

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