Kulaksiz 5 have to take their case to Lefkosa High Court now

Having read the conflicting reports about just what did happen yesterday, I have now had chapter and verse from one of the Advocates at Boysan Boyra’s office. Which is right and proper since I am a fee paying member of the Petitioners in this case.

Yesterday our Advocate asked the judge from the hearing that ruled against K5 on the 26th August Judge Talat Usar to grant an emergency injunction to stop the Bank selling the villas between now and when we get the Appeal Hearing date. This I was assured took place at Girne and not Lefkosa as reported on C44. The date for the full Appeal has not yet been issued but I am informed that this will indeed take place at Lefkosa High Court.

I have not had a satisfactory reason why I was unaware of this case yesterday since it does very much concern me. I also have not had it confirmed whether any of my co-petitioners were present.

I personally consider it very important to attend every hearing that concerns me and would most certainly have been present yesterday had I known it was taking place.

It does mean that should Akfinans Bank Limited be able to find a buyer for our villas, there is nothing to stop them selling. In any other civilised modern country it would not be possible. All action would cease until the outcome of all legal cases was known.

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