You have nothing to fear but fear itself

In just over 24 hours the membership of the ‘Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus’ Group Facebook page had 127 people join the group. This, in my opinion is a good start, especially when you consider the climate of fear that the TRNC has instilled in the minds of the foreigners like me, who live here.

The sad truth is, expats who live in North Cyprus are actively encouraged to believe -so many non-truths:

I will be arrested if I name and shame my builder – you won’t be.

The Contract is not worth the paper it is written on – only if you continue with that mind-set.

I am not allowed an opinion – oh yes you are.

I mustn’t upset the builder or he won’t finish my villa – if he intends to walk off your site, whether you upset him or not will not change that.

This is Cyprus – so you cannot challenge that, of course you can. If you accept that as a reason to allow them to get away with murder, how can it ever change?

I, for one, have had enough. There are over 1400 people in the mortgage queue behind Kulaksiz 5. If Akfinans Bank Limited do achieve their aims and repossess the villas of the elderly frail pensioners on that site, then ‘all hell’ will be let loose. The other Banks will swoop like vultures and feed off the carcasses of the other 1400 plus people in the same position as the Kulaksiz 5.

I have a question for each and every one of the 1400 in the mortgage queue – why haven’t you joined the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Group? Do you really want to see a group of greedy Banks, rogue builders and landowners take everything you worked for and dreamed about? Would you stand by and watch one of them harm a member of your family, no of course not, then do not stand and watch them do this terrible deed and do nothing. Say NO, you are not getting away with this.

I have a question for each and every one of the victims of the no build, partial build, the I want more money to finish build, the you must pay my taxes or I won’t transfer the title build, the no electricity at normal rates build, the no water build, the I want more money because I think you are daft enough to give it me build, and a combination of all the aforementioned builds – why haven’t you joined the ‘Stop the Blackmail in North Cypurs Group’? Do you really want to see these vultures go unpunished or profit further from your misery?

You are afraid; guess what, so am I. Will I let that fear rule me – no! The perpetrators bank (pun intended) on your fear, they know the majority of us are old and because of that think we will not have the will or the energy to retaliate. The time has come for all of us to put our fears to one side and speak out.

The very encouraging trend in our membership, small though it is, is that a good proportion of the members are Turkish Cypriots. You are alone and if you do not stand up and be counted. You will not be arrested, that is another fear they want us to feed on.

I have been ‘pseudo’ arrested twice. The senior police officer who allowed himself to be used in doing this to a 66 year old woman should hang his head in shame. On both occasions there was absolutely no legal reason to do so. I was never shown an arrest warrant. My lap top was taken and they have refused to return it, which in my opinion is an act of petty spite and an abuse of power. I am targeted because of my writing but will it stop me. Well you have your answer in this article.

I am afraid, of course I am. I feel vulnerable, of course I do. Will I let this this fear and vulnerability stop me? Hell no. My father fought in the Second World War, my grandfather fought in the First World War; do you think they were not afraid? I do not intend to go down without a fight but my fight will be with words as my weapon. Each of us has an untapped wealth of courage; the time has come to tap into that courage.

Join the ‘STOP THE BLACKMAIL IN NORTH CYPRUS GROUP‘ on Facebook, take that first brave step

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