Will the TRNC government follow up SOCA’s findings?

At last a little Justice has found its way into the lives of the hundreds of Aga Victims, however it is only a little and many must be seething knowing that Mr. Robb’s current Ethiopian born wife and children enjoy a high standard of living thanks to his ill gotten gains.

Surely after this thorough investigation carried out by the Serious Organised Crimes Agency the authorities in North Cyprus can be in no doubt that the Amaranta Valley debacle and Robb’s other ‘building schemes’ here in North Cyprus were never more than a gigantic washing machine for laundering existing proceeds of crime and creating more by fleecing innocent expats and locals who were chasing a dream of a better way of life. At one stage it seemed that only the fraudsters were going to enjoy a better life, but Karma seems to be taking a hand and perhaps righting some of the many wrongs that have plagued the whole of Cyprus.

A wise Government would take advantage of this wonderful start handed to them on a plate by SOCA and carry on their good work. The Attorney General could and should instigate a through investigation into Aga Development Limited in North Cyprus and Robb’s other interests, investigate everyone who has ever been associated with this company and any other company he was involved with. Seize all assets in the name of Robb, his wife and his known associates and demand an explanation as to their provenance. Where any assets and money cannot be legitimately accounted for, they should be placed in a fund with the sole purpose of making restitution to all Aga victims. This is just some of the many scams that have taken place in North Cyprus. Here is an opportunity to do the right thing by the victims of these scams and perhaps salvage some dignity for the beleaguered property sector. Will the Attorney General and the Government be wise enough to finish what the Serious Organised Crimes Agency has started. Only time will tell.

Peter Wright

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