3Cyprus.com Forum relaunched

Because of requests from members, I’ve decided to relaunch 3Cyprus.com Forum. Don’t forget that it is YOUR Forum. I don’t mean you as a group, I mean you, the reader. I mean that you can do what you wish to the forum within a narrow range of restrictions.

I’ll start and end with the DON’Ts

  • don’t be abusive
  • don’t post off topic
  • don’t break laws

There are currently 22 CATEGORIES, e.g. Cyprus property problems, Cyprus Talks, Eating & Drinking in Cyprus, For Sale or Wanted in Cyprus, Goods & Services in Cyprus, Books & Ebooks etc. Below each Category are BOARDS, e.g. under Eating & Drinking in Cyprus are currently three boards – restaurants, bars and recipes. The important thing to remember is that this is not fixed. If you want something we’ll add it. Even more importantly, if you want something added then YOU have the option of being a Moderator of that board. Or if you have a proven particular interest then you could take over as Moderator of an existing Board, e.g. theoretically Hans Doeleman might like to take over Cyprus History?

How Do I Get Started?

Go to www.3Cyprus.com and register. You’ll immediately receive an activation email which by clicking on gives you the right to post. There is obviously very little there at the moment so reading will be currently be a bit of a pointless exercise. If you don’t post then the board will disappear in the future.

If you want to post then click on a Board, e.g. General Discussion, and either start a new topic just like in Cyprus44, or click on a topic and reply to a post, just like Cyprus44.

Please give feedback so I can make changes!

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