Why is Pauline Read not mentioned on the K5 v Akfinans Bank Video?

Why is Pauline Read not mentioned on the K5 v Akfinans Bank Video?The official unveiling of the DVD said to be outlining all Bank related mortgage problems, but in fact almost completely dedicated the problems being experienced by the one set of victims namely the Kulaksiz 5, was announced in Cyprus Today under the title A Few North Cyprus Banks Behaving Badly. In fact the DVD was very little changed to the version I saw some weeks ago. I was very surprised that it was already out on YouTube prior to the guests only screening at the Rocks Hotel in Girne at 2.30 p.m. yesterday. One of our eagle eyed contributors found it on YouTube and it was up and running on NCFP long before the official screening so our readers who were not invited to the official screening saw the DVD well ahead of the privileged guests.

Our very own Pauline Read, one of the K5 victims did not receive an invitation but when I asked why, she told me she was sure it was an oversight on the part of Mr. Mitcheson of MNCB and felt sure an appropriate apology would be received. She also told me that hers was one of the two villas that was illegally repossessed as mentioned on the DVD and indeed hers was the second official complaint of Criminal Fraud sent to the Attorney General also mentioned on the DVD. The first request of course was made by the late Founding President Mr Rauf Denktas. Pauline tells me she hand delivered her complaint to the Attorney General’s office on the 6th April 2012, that a Prosecutor has been appointed to investigate and she feels sure he will be contacting her to arrange a formal interview and perhaps even to make a statement.

Pauline also told me she was so excited to see this DVD up and running she shared it with at least 30 friends and organisations she knew would be interested. I asked her why the Bank was not named and shamed and she said she did not know, she thought it was odd but she was sure the makers would have their reasons.

The DVD is an excellent example of how such frauds decimate the lives of the innocent. If you missed it then here it is again


O B Joyful


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