TRNC Property Victims | a Government System Which Fails the Innocent

Yesterday Pauline was in a meeting with a good friend, a Turkish Cypriot who told her she reminded him of Robin Hood. Not a bad analogy although maybe she is Robin Hood once removed.

In North Cyprus it seems the corrupt who are rich as a result of their corrupt ways are taking from the pensioners and the poor and she is attempting the re-appropriation of the ill gotten gains by returning them to their former owners. Well Pauline has her work cut out for her. It seems she is dealing villains with closed hands, cold hearts and closed minds. Those that do wrong can only be reasoned with if they know they are doing wrong but unfortunately this type of person convinces themselves that they are right and their victims are wrong for even looking for justice. Psychiatrists would have a field day with this type of mental disorder. When evil becomes a way of life, it is very hard to reverse this process and evil doers justify their actions by convincing themselves that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Nurretin Tutuska is a prime example of this way of thinking. He sold 6 apartments to 8 people, so you have a situation where at least one person has possession of an apartment with no title, and one person has a title but no apartment. Add to that the memorandums on these apartments and you begin to see the enormity of the problem. Of course if you ask Mr Tutuska if he thinks he has done anything wrong he will look at you as if you are mad for asking such a question. He is a serial offender who writes ‘rubber cheques’ and uses a revolving door in and out of prison. Will he have learnt anything by his frequent visits to prison, I doubt it. He felt personally justified in telling one purchaser that she was only entitled to a memorandum in the sum of the money she actually paid him. That would be funny if it were not so sad. He totally ignores the fact that this particular victim had to have the apartment finished at her own expense, having already paid him for a finished apartment, she then in company of the other owners had to apply and pay for the planning permission he had ‘forgotten’ to obtain.

You see the mentality that victims have to deal with. This same serial offender ran up debts and because of his ineptitude as both a builder, business man and human being, the apartments still remained in his name and his creditors used the homes of the innocent to put memorandums on. Now the rightful owners have memorandums too, worthless pieces of paper that are so far down the list in date order, they will not only lose their homes but also every penny they paid for them. Is it just me or can you the readers also see that this is a system that totally fails the innocent? Instead of trying to remedy these injustices, the Government are allowing Auctions to go ahead to satisfy the creditors. Clearly the system is riddled with inequalities and is flawed, but ask anyone in a position to help and they will give you the usual shoulder shrug and tell you ‘it is lawful’, lawful it may be, RIGHT it definitely isn’t.

When I read that the Judge in one particular Tutuska case told the victim that it would take about 5 years to get her out and she should look at the money she invested as rent and that buying in North Cyprus is a gamble, like putting your money on the stock market (bursa). Well whilst this attitude remains, anyone thinking of buying a ‘home in the sun’ will not be looking at the Island of Love – Cyprus – as a possible destination. There is love there, the love of money, YOUR money and if like most people you have spent a lifetime earning it, perhaps you would like to invest it somewhere else where you will be loved for your presence, your spending you money to boost their economy, appreciated for it and treated fairly and justly. You won’t find that on the island of Cyprus at this present time, which is really sad for the majority of good decent people who live there and are having their lives decimated by the corrupt few who are too greedy and too self serving to change.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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