Why can’t non-citizens demonstrate their outrage over the government’s inaction against fraud?

The inaugural meeting of the new group Make North Cyprus Better Movement came and went. I think we were all expecting a little more than to be the studio audience at an Ada T.V. recording. I never had the opportunity to see the programme but do hope it came over well.

The 8 point proposal, which I understand is to form the basis of negotiation with the current Government, is excellent and contains some practical common sense suggestions. Oh dear, you might say, putting common sense and the present Government in the same sentence, isn’t that a contradiction in terms? You could well be right but let us hope that even they can see the writing is definitely on the wall.

Yes, I will be sticking on my car window the yellow poster that calls on the Prime Minister Mr Irsen Küçük to do the right thing. For those of you not at the meeting, I am attaching a copy to this article. Will it make a difference, I don’t know but I am prepared to try anything.

I am also attaching a copy of the European Court of Human Rights leaflet that gives chapter and verse of ‘The Pilot-Judgement Procedure’, It makes interesting reading.

Now I get to the third leaflet we were given. It asks for details of your problem and of course your personal details. What I find interesting is question 5:

Would you be prepared to take part in a demonstration in Lefkoşa as part of this campaign? (Cypriots only)

Now I find this a little odd. We as foreigners can demonstrate, so why doesn’t the committee at least TRY to obtain permission for us to join any demonstration. As long as it is peaceful, there should be no problem.

I don’t know about you, but I think it is time we challenged the strange interpretations put on the laws by this Government, in fact I thought that was what this campaign is all about.

Editor: the three leaflets will be added to the article when Pauline’s electricity comes back on.

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