in Cyprus Today – 24/8/2011

BRS cash boost for Kulaksiz 5 – BRS has loaned K5 £1000 towards their legal bills, repayable only if they win. Editor: if all those whose lawyers had messed up demanded the lawyers repay their fees then there would be millions in the fund.

Delight as food prices set to go down – import duties and taxes have been lowered on some foods, e.g. dairy products duty from 2.5TL to 1TL, so we’ll all see prices going down. Wholesalers are yet to make the changes. Editor: flying pig

Bowling centre build delay – unspecific problems have led to yet another delay and The Olive Press Flat Green Bowling owners are “holding meetings with our builders and solicitors to try to rectify this problem.” Editor: was a mortgage found of the Green?

Mortgages left unpaid on another homes site – Olive Grove site purchasers could be next to be evicted because of unpaid mortgages on their properties.  See NCFP –

‘We will take our plight to Kucuk’ -ex-pats were asked to write letters to the PM despite the movements own letter being ignored. See NCFP’s coverage today

‘Arrest warrants do not concern TRNC’ – pronounces the TRNC Foreign Minister. It seems the fact that the EU is now out of bounds for some TC citizens involved in developing GC property in the north, is not a concern to the government. Editor: so they’ll just stand back and allow their citizens to be imprisoned in the south? They really do seem to have no policy concerning their construction industry.

Investigation after claims police officers beat up protesters – at a legal Trades Union demonstration. Some of the victims were hospitalised.

Diplomatic stand-off in row over Polish football fans’ use of Ercan – the south’s government can do nothing to stop these EU members legally entering Cyprus via Ercan.

‘Not enough money’ for pollution reduction plan – no filters have been installed in Kib-Tek’s power plant since it was commissioned in 1993. Locals are planning demonstrations. Editor: perhaps if the government paid their electricity bills…

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