Whatever happened to North Cyprus KOOP Bank allegedly ‘guilty of fraud’?

In October 2009, the scandal that is the mortgage taken by the KOOP Bank on the site known as Olive Grove built by NCP was making headline new in Cyprus Today.  Strange you never see such scandals making headline news in the English or Turkish language newspapers any more. Such is the stranglehold the Banks have on all the press here. The threat of the Banking law and the Writs already served has totally emasculated the press. Whatever happened to the old press maxim ‘publish and be damned’?

Well in this article the HBPG says this has been known of for years. Strange that two years on from the article and several years on from when the HBPG claim this has been known for, nothing, I repeat nothing has changed. Or has it, have we, the victims, at last seen the light. Are we about to do something significant to change this totally unacceptable situation. I sincerely hope so. Attend the conference at the Pia Bella on Tuesday 23rd August at 3.00 p.m. to learn more.

I remember reading somewhere that Mr. Dervis Eroglu was once on the Board of the Koop Bank, of course my memory could be playing tricks on me, at my age anything is possible.

The TRNC has nothing to offer any investor by way of a guarantee that their investment will be safe if its past record is its benchmark. For the sake of its future and the future of its hard working populous, it must do something to change this. When the people elected the present government into power they gave the government two additional things with their vote, their hope and their trust. I just pray that they will honour that hope and trust invested in them

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