Have you been to see the progess made on TRNC’s Disneyland?

I must admit to missing this the first time around. My researcher in London has brought it to my attention.
It may well be that I was busy avoiding the Police who seemed to constantly dog my every movement back in October 2010.  First by their demanding that I seek permission for the Peaceful Silent Candlelit Vigil.  A secret service policeman was waiting outside court for me after one of the Geoff Day hearings to inform me that I must get permission for such a vigil.  Then I was invited to Lefkosa Police Station where yet another secret service police man actually helped me word a letter of application, took me to see the relevant civil servants who promised that they would ‘facilitate’ my application.   My most abiding recollection of that day was the sumptuous offices I saw and never knew existed before and the number of Turkish Cypriot government personnel who expressed their sorrow at what was happening to me and the K5.  Well gentlemen, you all went on the prove your word is not your bond and to your expressions of sorrow I have only one thing to say: “talk is cheap”.
At that time I also fell foul of the Prosecution service who did not approve of my style of reporting on the Geoff Day case and went on to show their displeasure by having the police harass and bully me and confiscate my laptop (Laura) who to this day (probably) languishes in Girne nick.
Well it would appear that at this time ambitious plans were afoot to build North Cyprus’s very own Disney world. I wonder what happened next?  Did Mickey Mouse decide to take out a mortgage on the land behind the owner’s back?  Or did Donald Duck just stand up at a Board Meeting and tell them they were all QUACKERS.
I thought you would all enjoy looking back a little way.  Does anyone know what happened next?
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