What happens when the first TRNC eviction writs start to be issued?

Interview With The Vampire

CCL photo credit: solofotones

There are rumours starting to emerge that the first eviction writs are being issued to people who thought they had actually fully paid for the properties they are living in. If this is true then the speed which the legal system managed to issue them is remarkable. When I think of all the times that penalty clauses were not paid, and how difficult it is to collect the money owing, it is stunning to discover how quickly the law works when it is directed against the expats.

It is difficult to confirm this rumour because it seems that the homebuyers are in shock and maybe even feel that by keeping it secret then the inevitable might be avoided. How many times have you read on NCFP and Cyprus44, people saying that they are afraid to upset their builder, the government, or more recently, their local criminal, because something awful might happen.

I understand that blood-sucking vampires are terrified when exposed to the bright light of publicity. It is only when we’re kept in the dark that these vampires can creep up on us and strike. It’s also the dark which helps stop us identifying them and warning others to avoid them. While we’re in the dark about who they are and what they do they move among us undetected.

How do they manage to create darkness 24/7? Well, it’s fear that does it. All the best horror films create fear by suggesting rather than showing horror. Remember the shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho? For years afterwards you could frighten your partner just by rustling a shower curtain. It’s a form of conditioning which is being used. It is similar to any form of abuse where the abuser frightens the abused into keeping quiet so the abuser can continue their abuse.

Perhaps it is time for the abused to blame the abuser and not themselves or those who are trying to help them? For all those who are now worried about vampires, I’d like to remind them that eating garlic before you talk to them, getting cross at them and staking your claim to their assets works wonders.

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