Homeland documentary launch 30th September 2010 in Australia

From 1963-1974 Cyprus endured events that changed the lives of its people and shaped the course of history. This documentary is the voice of Turkish Cypriots who reveal their experiences with an honesty that resonates on the screen. They speak of how their lives and homeland was threatened when their Greek Cypriot neighbours declared their intent for ENOSIS – a union of Cyprus with Greece.

Their neighbours’ intentions led to acts of genocide against Turkish Cypriots by EOKA, a Greek terror group, who staged a coup d’état on the Republic of Cyprus Government. This forced Turkey, a guarantor of the island, to intervene and restore stability on the island and Cyprus was divided into a Turkish North and a Greek South to ensure the safety of all citizens.

Years after the conflict, have the Turkish Cypriots moved on? Or have the horrors of the past overshadowed their present? Homeland is about loss, fear, and the hope for ones homeland.

This documentary has been filmed with a team of volunteers on location in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and in Australia. The Homeland documentary is unique as it gives Turkish Cypriots living in Cyprus and Australia a voice to relate their experiences in Cyprus between 1963 – 1974. While filming the documentary an “up close and personal” platform was created for the participants, which encouraged them to provide an unbiased account of the events that occurred.

The participants touch on common ground between the Turkish and Greek communities of Cyprus but then express their frustration and bitterness as they explain how their once peaceful relationship was brought to a standstill with the intention of the Greek Cypriots to proclaim ENOSIS – Union of Cyprus with Greece. Former President and Founder of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Mr Rauf Raif Denktas also features in the documentary giving his account of the story during the troubled times.

The documentary closes with the thoughts and feelings of today. It exposes issues other than the conflict with their neighbours such as an internationally recognised solution for Cyprus and the possible accession in to the European Union. This informative documentary is a great educational resource from the perspective of Turkish Cypriots that will captivate any audience with its honest narration.

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