TV and radio Cypriot dialect ban


Cockney pearly king & queen

Lor’ luv a duck! Readin’ abaaaht da ban ov da Cypriot dialect on Buzz Bee an’ radio got me thinkin’ abaaaht da problems I ‘ad in da 60s as a Crowley trainin’ ter be a primary school mythical creature. Know what I mean? Gawdon Bennet! I was told that I should speak Baked Bean’s English awer else da children would not tick tack man me. Unfortunately I’d not really listened ter da English teachers at school as da i’ was a fawerign language ter me. OK? Blimey! In da end I just copied da newsreaders on Buzz Bee an’ eventually I sounded a bi’ posh. The barny rubble was what when I wen’ ‘ope an’ forgot myself me friends an’ famalam thought I talked weird. Nuff said, yeah?

For those who need a translation:

Reading about the ban of the Cypriot dialect on TV and radio got me thinking about the problems I had in the 60s as a Cockney training to be a primary school teacher. I was told that I should speak Queen’s English or else the children would not understand me. Unfortunately I’d not really listened to the English teachers at school as the it was a foreign language to me. In the end I just copied the newsreaders on TV and eventually I sounded a bit posh. The trouble was that when I went hope and forgot myself my friends and family thought I talked weird.

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