Greek PM says Cyprus “should be free of motherlands”

GREEKThe newly elected Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou is visiting south Cyprus today having said on Friday that the Cyprus problem is now Greece’s “basic priority”. South Cyprus’  Sunday Mail believes that  “unlike his predecessor Costas Karamanlis who chose to sit on the fence, Papandreou is expected to take a more active role in efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem.”

During his recent visit to Turkey Papandreou spoke directly to the Turkish people and called on both countries to “help free Cyprus of motherlands, occupation troops, walls and division.” This statement should send a message to pro-Hellanists that Greece does not want to be treated as Cyprus’ “motherland” and that Cypriots should be looking to wean themselves from such attitudes and enter a era where they look to support themselves as a unified county.

Previously, co-operation between Greece and Cyprus was very limited and the norm was for Greece to back whatever south Cyprus decided to do concerning the Cyprus Problem. With Greece now building their relationship with Turkey it looks as if this automatic acceptance cannot now be expected but how Cyprus will react to this is yet to be discovered. Some parties in south Cyprus are wary of Papandreou as in 2004 he openly supported the Annan plan which the south rejected. Could be fireworks!

Sunday Mail full story HERE

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