Troy Davis: The Last Chance

troy-davisI am not normally in the business of forwarding on emails unless there is a very good reason at stake. In this case there is a clear life and death difference. It would be unwise in my view to comment directly on whether or not this man is guilty of the crime he currently sits on death row for. However, when you consider the massive points eloquently highlighted by Amnesty International, what cannot be disputed is that this man deserves the retrial that was recently ordered by the USA’s highest court. I am bringing this matter before the attention of Embargoed! members and supporters alike, and also to the attention of the Turkish media as this will undoubtedly make a genuinely good story and it would be good if we can help Amnesty maximise awareness amongst the Turkish community. Let’s give Troy a chance. Please read on below and sign the petition – forward it on to friends.

Fevzi Hussein Chairperson,

From: Amnesty International [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 22 September 2009 19:08
To: Fevzi Hussein
Subject: Troy Davis: The Last Chance


Troy Davis: The Last Chance

Dear Supporter,

I know that many of you have followed the case of Troy Davis with us at Amnesty as we’ve campaigned on his behalf. And I’d like to sincerely thank you for that support.

It’s certainly been a tense few months since Troy’s last stay of execution expired in May. But now, at last, Troy has another chance to prove his innocence. A ruling by the USA’s highest court has given him another hearing. After 17 years on death row, this couldn’t be more welcome news.

Today, I leave for Georgia to meet key people involved in the case, Troy’s family – and finally Troy himself. I’m particularly looking forward to meeting Troy’s sister, Martina, who has been a tireless and truly inspirational campaigner for her brother and against the death penalty.

With me will be Alistair Carmichael MP and Richard Hughes from the band Keane – both long-term supporters of Troy. Our presence will help show the state of Georgia that the eyes of the world are on them as they review Troy’s case.

Please join me on my trip – I’ll update you with our progress via my blog and twitter and you can see our campaign trail on an interactive map, which explains where I’m going in America and why. Most importantly, please sign the petition for justice for Troy and pass it on to your friends.

Thank you.

Kim Manning Cooper
Death Penalty Campaign Manager

Time for Justice

  • There was no physical evidence against Troy Davis.
  • The weapon used in the crime has never been found.
  • Seven of the nine non-police witnesses have withdrawn or contradicted their testimony.
  • Many of the witnesses have stated that they were pressured or coerced by the police.
  • One of the two witnesses who has not withdrawn or contradicted testimony is the principal alternative suspect.
  • Nine individuals have signed statements implicating the alternative suspect.

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