TRNC government policy – just ignoring something is choosing to be part of the scams

With all the inactivity on the part of the TRNC Government, it makes one wonder if various frauds are being ignored because these scams are OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT POLICY!

Intriguing, if that is the case, but whom do they benefit, and how ? What money accrues to the government? How are its long-term objectives in tourism, construction etc. served, if it has any?

The simple answer lies in discovering who are the owners of the property and who are getting the mortgages. Every sale brings sales tax and VAT. The legal profession, all 59 pages of Lawyers, is profiting and also I assume paying taxes. The cash is being spent on the island, to some extent, and the scams are employing people.

Answered simply, it’s all about short-term profit! Take a look at the laws being passed regarding residence: green card, white card, yellow card, any card, but half a million dollars in the bank and you’re in. Does that look like anything EU oriented? Or is it a separate non EU conform thing? Does it look like going down the “Reunification path”? Not to me. Take the money and run and then when Turkey takes over let them foot the bill.

What signals do we see from the Government regarding controlling the building industry? NONE!

What effective measures have been taken to control the estate agents? A SECRET LIST!

What methods of contractual enforcement are there? NONE!

What redress do the courts give? NONE!

What do you get from a court judgement? NOTHING!

I cannot see one single piece of legislation that shows the slightest convergence with EU Laws, excepting perhaps the intention to recognise the EU pet passport for the import of domestic pets. If anyone can lighten my darkness with examples of any laws that are leading in the direction of EU conformity, then I would love to know.

I know we are looking at a UK borough council sized “parliament” but even with a bunch of halfwits at the helm they couldn’t muck that much up “accidentally”. So where do we go from here? If it is deliberate? What is the solution?

I hear, “as there are few buyers and nobody wants to pay anything near the market value there will not be much money to run with.”

To my mind, it’s the mortgage money that’s at stake. Figures like £650,000 on 2 dönums of land for example. Lent by a bank to a friendly builder, obviously no credit checks or any proof of income required. The bank’s monies? No way. Depositors’ money, that’s more likely. Sell the houses first time round, collect the mortgage money, a default situation, the bank then sells again at public auction to a subsidiary or a friend for a nominal sum. They then resell to unsuspecting buyers whose lawyer after searching and finding no mortgages on the house are happy to sign. Then the whole thing starts again. A mortgage is taken out after the “sale,” the cash disappears and so it goes on. Talk about double your money. It doesn’t really matter what the selling price is, or the market price for that matter. The building workers don’t get paid. If they complain they get quietly shipped back to Turkey. So the house costs virtually nothing to build, everything is a 100% add on PROFIT.

A quote from Jean Paul Sartre is very relevant to the current government: “what is not possible is not to choose.” Just ignoring something is choosing; choosing to be part of the scams.


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