UK-based no-win no-fee company says it will pursue trespassers in the North

It appears that a new company was set up in July in the UK, called This company states that, on a no-win no-fee basis, it will pursue property claims in the IPC or through the Cyprus Courts Orams-style. To do this, it says:

“You won’t be asked to fill in lengthy forms, nor to travel overseas. Usually, once you have signed the power of attorney, you won’t even be asked to go to court. Our team will do the paperwork, the legwork, and the court-work, and most claims are settled out of court.

You can visit us at our offices in London, or call or mail us for more information. Naturally, there is no obligation to take matters further unless you wish to do so.”

Don’t lose your land rights, and don’t cooperate with the occupiers

Following the landmark court case of Apostolides v Orams, the Courts in the EU are prepared to award you substantial damages if you have been displaced by trespassers on your land. Those trespassers may be ordered to pay you many thousands of pounds.

We can help to assess your chances of making a legal claim. If we accept your case, then we proceed to do all the research to validate your claim, as well as the identity of anybody occupying your land illegally, and organise your claim for you right through until you case settles.

Identifying the trespassers, whoever they are, and whatever country they are from, is our job. We use teams of researchers and experts to track down the trespassers and bring them to justice.

By giving us a “Power of Attorney”, we will be legally able to represent you internationally, and we will usually be able to handle your case without disruption or inconvenience to you.  

Should you be frightened? Well there are a few reasons why not. Firstly, statements on the website are contradictory. One parts talks of going to the IPC and another of not co-operating with “the occupiers.” Secondly, the initial costs the company would have to bear are enormous and the length of time they’d have to wait to get a return are long and uncertain. Thirdly, they are asking Greek Cypriots to sign over their rights to the property in the form of a Power of Attorney document and this might frighten many of them. Fourthly, I wonder what they’ll do when a client asks them to pursue a case and it turns out to be a Turkish Cypriot living on their land? It could be argued that they would be being discriminatory if they turned down these cases. Even if they did discover a non-TC on the land, the only way compensation would become payable is if the trespasser has assets in an EU country. This sifting process would be massively expensive.

In all this sounds like either a scam to take money from GCs or a scam like the 13 new European Arrest Warrants hoax, to frighten prospective purchasers in order to affect the property market in North Cyprus. Mind you, it could even be a south-Cyprus sponsored plot to put pressure on the Cyprus Talks.

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