TRNC Government Demand Share of Money Robb Robbed from Victims

WITHOUT PREJUDICE. An interesting situation has developed in recent days. A Government Minister is asking why British purchasers bought properties from Gary Robb. One assumes then that he thinks that the average British person has full knowledge of all low life crooks in the United Kingdom. I have to say that most of the people I have spoken to only became aware that Mr Robb was a crook after purchasing from Aga Development Limited. Imagine their horror when they made this discovery. Imagine also their horror to discover that the authorities here allegedly enabled Mr Robb to rob them.

Whilst I would not level accusations at the Government of the day, surely they were aware that the man they allowed to take Citizenship was a wanted felon on the run from British courts, having jumped bail. One assumes that although there is no Extradition Treaty between the UK and north Cyprus, the British police would have asked for his return to the UK. Now this is where the story gets even murkier. To be allowed to purchase a property in north Cyprus, a foreign purchaser has to have a clean police record. Indeed all the purchasers of Aga Development Properties would have had to provide an original copy of their Metropolitan Police Record. However the man they were purchasing from was given Citizenship in north Cyprus and so those purchasing from him might be forgiven for assuming that the authorities in north Cyprus would have screened him most vigorously before giving him this undoubted honour. Why then, at that point would any of his purchasers even suspected they were dealing with a known felon, known to the Government who facilitated him, but not to the purchasers?

The plot thickens further when you consider that the fellow shareholder in Aga Development Limited was an Advocate, an Advocate whose firm was also doing conveyancing for the purchasers. Now in the UK this would be considered a conflict of interest, but not it would seem in north Cyprus. Certainly the Board of Directors at first glance would seem a prestigious bunch, but then that was before the purchasers realised they were not dealing with an honest business man and did not realise that money was being systematically siphoned off and sent to accounts elsewhere.

Now whilst all this was happening, what were the authorities doing to protect these and all other purchasers being similarly ‘ripped’ off? Nothing. Now that the doodoo has effectively ‘hit the fan’ what are the authorities doing? Well as you can see from the first paragraph, re-inventing the scenario and blaming the victims. Just like the Kulaksiz situation, when you have no excuse, you bring the old smoke and mirrors into play and make everything the fault of the purchasers.

The human rights of all those victimised have been violated, now it seems they may well be about to be re-victimised and their human rights just about decimated. The Karmi/Robb auction will go ahead because Robb owes the Government taxes. No you did not misread that. Now that is a new one on me. Money stolen from victims, the thief did not pay taxes on his stolen money so the Government intend to collect the taxes by selling off the land/properties that the money, stolen by Robb, was given for. Can’t you just see the scene, The Great Train Robbers receiving a tax demand for the money they stole. You Could Not Make It Up.

O B Joyful

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