TRNC Attorney General’s office treating Geoff Day “worse than a mass murderer”

donkeyote yearned to join the herdThe presence of TRNC founding President Rauf Denktaş brought “new hope” to Geoffrey Day during his 56th appearance before Girne District Court on Thursday.

“Just the fact that Mr Denktas was there gave me new hope that I will receive fair treatment and eventual justice,” Geoff Day said .

Geoff’s lawyer, Peyman Erginel, said that “Mr Denktaş is sensitive to the injustices being suffered by British and other property buyers. A great injustice is being inflicted on Geoffrey Day by the Attorney General’s office, which is treating him worse than a mass murderer. A criminal case is being used in an attempt to force Mr Day to pay a disputed bill to his builder. Mr Denktaş would never have attended a court case unless he felt unease about what is happening.”

“The last two years have been hell,” Geoff told reporters outside the court. “My life has been put on hold for two years. Because my passport was confiscated when I was arrested, I have missed seeing my grandchildren grow up in the UK, family birthdays and other events that most family men can take for granted.”

The case is adjourned until Monday afternoon and Rauf Denktaş is expected to be in court again.

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