Kulaksiz 5 writs reissued

Talat Kurşat said his firm will be reissuing writs against homebuyers on the K5 site, days after they were withdrawn. He admitted that  they had been withdrawn “because they lacked ad­ditional, necessary information”. They had been drawn up by his son, Akan Kurşat, who is a lawyer in the practice.

“As soon as I spotted the writs that had been served I instructed Akan to withdraw them and begin the process of drawing up new ones, which will be served in the near future,” he said.

This blow comes just after the government said it was going to save the K5 homebuyers from eviction by forming a committee of five “wise men.”

K5 buyer Bob French said: “My response to new eviction writs being served against us can be summed up in just one word: despair. We have had hopes of keeping our homes raised so many times, only to be dashed again, that many of us are in a state of exhaustion. We can only await the result of the High Court hearing on October 20.”

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