TRNC Akfinans Bank serve eviction orders, ex-pat pensioners lose life savings

liesToday, sadly, Akfinans Bank Limited through their Advocate Akan Kursat have had the court bailiff again attempt to serve the new reworded Writs that herald the start of the Eviction process to the beleaguered residents of Kulaksiz 5.

The bailiff managed to serve one Writ, the recipients are very upset and are at a loss to know why this Bank are so callously pursuing this cruel route, they would prefer to remain anonymous at this point and they are beside themselves with worry. I respect their wishes.

It beggars belief that any professional organisation would so heartlessly pursue a group of pensioners in the autumn of their lives so venomously. I am sure my fellow members of Kulaksiz 5 will forgive me for telling you that they are all heartbroken at the events that are robbing them of their homes, their health, their peace of mind and threatening their very lives. They are just a group of ordinary people who worked hard, saved hard and dreamt of a settled life in the tranquillity they thought the TRNC would give them. Akfinans Bank Limited have made sure that none of their dreams will be realised.

The bank will no doubt claim that it was just a business decision, well this business decision is littered with twists and turns and it has now come to light that the initial loan allegedly carried an interest rate of 250% and that this rates was reduced by the courts when awarding the repossession order in 2008 to the well known rate of 80% per quarter compound. We all believed the reduced rate to be usury. No words have been invented to describe the alleged rate of 250%, certainly my vocabulary is inadequate.

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