Interview with Pauline Read concerning Kulaksiz 5 accusations

Following on from the article in NCFP yesterday, concerning the Yeniduzen article last weekend, Mr. Kursat talked about the alleged “vehicular attack” on Pauline Read’s partner when Ms. Read’s property was forcibly entered into, had the locks changed and the electricity disconnected. I put Mr. Kursat’s claim to Ms. Read, that indeed he was not there and perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity.

She found it most strange that Mr. Kursat was denying his presence at her home as she had spoken to the Muhtar in Karşiyaka who she alleges had told her he received two phone calls from Mr. Kursat both insisting that he attend the lock changing. According to her, the Muhtar had to decline these invitations due to pressure of work. In the newspaper, apparently Mr. Kursat appears to be certain the vehicular attack did not take place which Ms. Read says she finds strange considering he insists ‘he was not there’.

Ms. Read also acquainted me with a conversation she had had on the Tuesday following the break in. A journalist phoned her and her partner to make them aware that Mr. Kursat was accusing her partner of having a baseball bat and this was the reason for the car being driven at him. Ms. Read said that two separate advocates were of the opinion that the lock changing was a criminal offence. According to Mr. Kursat, the police had investigated and the case appears to be closed. Ms. Read was shocked, she had never been told officially the outcome of the investigations and feels yet again, her human rights have been violated by the fact that the accused appears to know the outcome, whereas she, the complainant, has been kept in the dark.

In the article, Mr. Kursat went on to talk about Ms. Read’s Court Memorandums on properties owned or in the name of Kulaksiz Construction Limited against whom she had won a Breach of Contract action and been awarded £120,000. When I mentioned this to Ms. Read she gave a wry smile and told me about the article faxed to Kibrisgazetesi by Mr. Kursat in August of this year in which he accused Ms. Read of having already received the award and being somewhat delusional in thinking she could have the money and the villa. Kibrisgazetesi did print an apology and a retraction when Ms. Read made them aware of the truth, that she had told Mr. Kursat she had not received the award, two weeks before he sent in the article. In a meeting with Mr. Kursat, attended by two other Advocates and a member of Kulaksiz 5, she told him then (July 23rd) that until she received the award, she considered her situation to be the same as all other Kulaksiz 5 owners.

I put it to Ms. Read that Mr. Kursat implies in this article that she is prepared to do to other ex-pat owners the same thing that is being done to her. Ms. Read said that if there were legal owners living in these properties covered by the Court Memorandums, she would be happy to talk with them and try to come to an agreement. She did point out that, to her knowledge, one villa was let and formed part of a deceased owner’s estate, one plot was still owned by Kulaksiz and it had been their intention to build a restaurant and shops on it, one’s provenance was unknown to her, and one on a separate site had been the home of Abdurrahman Guney the former director of Kulaksiz. In the case of that property, Ms. Read explained, he had moved in some other members of his family and she really would not have a conscience about selling that particular property. She did finish our interview by saying that in her opinion, the whole situation is academic as under the present circumstances she really could not see anyone bidding at the auction considering the state of the property market at present.

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