The TRNC “has an obligation to protect me from any vexatious litigation”

Human Rights are being violated by continuous intimidation.If you should see a lady walking round Girne looking remarkably like the man in this picture, it will be me.

It seems that if you have an opinion and commit it to print, you could be guilty of Libel.

Libel – British Law – The publication of a statement in some permanent form (including broadcasting) which has the potential to damage someone’s reputation and which is claimed to be FALSE. Note the part that says – and which is claimed to be false.   I know an opinion can be subjective but it can also be TRUE.

Fact:  A  mortgage or mortgages were put on my villa without my knowledge or consent by said Bank.

Fact:  On the 6th June 2010 my villa along with the whole of Kulaksiz 5 site was sold and bought back by the Bank holding the mortgage.

Fact:  On the 20th November 2008 a court order was given to the said Bank and on that court order there is a very high interest rate.  The order is signed by a Judge.

Fact:  On the 30th July 2010 my villa which was left locked and secured was broken into, the locks changed and I was denied any further access to it.

Fact:  My former home, the villa forcibly repossessed is now occupied by members of the Bank’s family, even though the Bank claimed they had an obligation to the account holders to repossess and sell these properties. Perhaps the family bought the villa from themselves?

Fact:  People who bought in good faith, relied on the protection of TRNC law, will be made homeless when the residue of the villas are repossessed.

Fact:  The Constitution of the TRNC Article 26 :

(1)  The Press and publication are free for all citizens and shall not be subject to censorship

(2)   The state shall take the necessary measures to ensure the freedom of the press and of receiving information.

(3)  The freedom of the press of receiving information may be restricted by law for the purpose of safeguarding public order or national security or public  morals or preventing attacks on honour, dignity and the rights of a person and for preventing instigations to commit an offence or for the purpose of assuring the proper functioning of the judiciary in accordance with its aims.

(4)  Save when it is imposed by a decision to be given by any court or judge, within the limits to be prescribed by law, for the purpose of ensuring the proper functioning of the judiciary, in accordance with its aims, no ban shall IMPOSED on the PUBLICATION of news about EVENTS.

Now looking at that, you could argue that I am not a citizen.  However, Turkey has signed up to the principles of the European Court of Human Rights, so I would argue that I am a citizen of  Europe and the state has an obligation to protect me from any vexatious litigation.  I do believe my Human Rights have been and are being violated by continuous intimidation.

One final point I would make, I do not write the headlines above my articles and NCFP is published in France and subject to European Laws. If the Bank had an issue with anything published, why didn’t they contact NCFP and ask for its removal. I can confirm no such complaint or request has ever been received.

As a final note, you may be interested to know that the late and much loved Mr Rauf Denktas kindly gave me a complete copy of the The Constitution of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in English.  I do miss my ally and my friend.

It is sad that the International press has not greatly engaged in  the problems of the homebuyers in the TRNC, the irony is that they may well engage when they see press freedom being attacked.

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