Will Pauline Read be Prosecuted for her Philosophical Beliefs?

Having been told which articles in May 2010 that Akfinan Bank is objecting to I’m left with the overriding impression that they want to become involved in a philosophical debate in court. The main issue seems to be about Pauline’s philosophical beliefs involving ethics and morality and the difference between EU and TRNC legislation. All these discussions took place in articles published within EU jurisdiction. I hate to say it, but there are also indications that these issues are similar to the differences between EU and TRNC laws relating to homosexual acts.

The NCFP publishing system is unlike paper-based newspapers in that a contributor logs into a server in France then types and saves their article on a computer currently situated there. Publication consist of making available links to the article either by typing the domain name in a browser such as Internet Explorer or searching using a search engine such as Google. The article is then fetched from France and displayed on a TRNC based computer. In other words, NCFP publishes in France and the TRNC based reader fetches a copy from there.

To accuse someone of breaking TRNC laws for doing something perfectly legally in France is, in my opinion, similar to arresting a homosexual  tourist as they arrived in the TRNC for the first time and accusing them of acts legal in their EU home town because they are illegal at their holiday destination.

If this court case goes ahead I am sure that it will receive publicity in countries throughout the world if only to warn tourists that if they were to holiday in the TRNC and complain that, for example, they did not like the hotel they stayed at then they could be sued here for their opinion. This would be especially true if they believed it was unethical to use battery farm raised chickens in the lunch or that it was immoral for the hotel to allow unmarried couples to sleep together.

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