Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group is cruising toward 2000 membership

Social networks are now part of every day living. We are all part of one group or another and cyberspace has made this a world into a virtual village

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group is such a group. Started by a property victim, namely John Good. John could not have envisaged just how this group would grow, but grow it has. To those who have no knowledge of what this group is about, let me tell you.

In North Cyprus there are people who, through no fault of their own, have become victims of the property sector there. The Government of North Cyprus have done nothing to address this problem and consequently the Property Sector/Industry lies in ruins. As do so many half finished or only just started projects all over the island; they are an eyesore and mar the natural beauty of the island of Cyprus. Indeed the whole of the island is in a very similar predicament due to the predilection of some members of this industry towards crime.

On both sides of the island you will be led to believe that the frauds these few, but oh so powerful, people who seem to have a network of equally powerful people in high office protecting them, is not criminal, clearly this is a ‘crock’. Fraud has and always will be a form of theft, theft is criminal. The extent and types of fraud varies, the perpetrators know every trick in the book, some may even say they wrote the book. By far the most serious is the placing of mortgages and memorandums on the properties already sold to a third party where the third party is not the borrower and the borrower is no longer the owner of the security taken by the lender/debtor. Clearly this unjust practice is only possible because of very old and irrelevant laws that should have been repealed many years ago. Since the elected Government are the lawmakers, the blame is totally down to the Government. The Governments on both sides of the island seem unwilling or unable to recognise culpability. They prefer, it would seem, to further victimise the already traumatised victims by forcing them to spend more and more money on the legal system that is, has been, and continues to be the cause of all the problems. So the legal system that so failed the victims is now getting richer on the backs of victims. How can that be justice?

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group is cruising toward 2000 membership, on Sunday 1st April 2012 membership stood at just over 1500, today it is over 1900, the recent decision in the UK courts in the SOCA -v- Gary Robb case has created a surge in the membership. That decision given in the UK High Court has given hope to all victims, as indeed it should. SOCA has managed to convince the court of one instance of fraud in the North Cyprus Property Market, the member of STBINC would like to see the North Cyprus Government follow suit, to prosecute those named as fellow conspirators of Gary Robb in Aga Development and then carry on and ‘clean out’ all those who have defrauded purchasers in North Cyprus and bring dignity and corruption free governance back to this beautiful country.

Never give in never give up. Power to the people.


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