3Cyprus Forum – what’s happening there?

For those who did not know that NCFP had reintroduced the 3C Forum here are a few of the posts from there. Surprisingly, over the 4 days it has been open, 3C has had 326 unique visitors who have viewed 4411 pages.

  • ‘magwii’ has awarded a vet 10/10
  • ‘boey’ is asking about Guzelyurt + Lefke
  • ‘pollymarples’ is wondeering if the Kursats are being treated fairly
  • ’14’ is asking about using clay ovens
  • ‘sunnycyprus’ & ‘arthurmo’ have house for sale
  • ‘cavalryman’ has an iphone for sale
  • ‘supersnooper’ is advertising a 10 nights half board package at the Malpas Hotel
  • ‘dominic’ is wondering whether over-60s should play it safe with residency
  • ‘rowlo’ is offering the use of a car for those holidaying in North Cyprus

Go on, post what’s on your mind at www.3cyprus.com


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