Pseud for libel

Recently, when talking about my so called arrests, I have been using the word ‘pseudo’. Being arrested is just one of the many things that have happened to me since living in the TRNC to which I could quite legitimately use the prefix ‘pseudo’.

PSEUDO – false – sham – phoney. In many ways, not unlike BLACKMAIL – to try to influence someone by using unfair pressure or threats.

When asking me to accompany them to the police station/ insisting that I atttend the Police Station OR they will arrest me, I could quite easily apply the word pseudo, as in pseudo arrest, or blackmail as in, you had better come along quietly or else.

In the U.K. and the U.S.A where the compensation culture is rife, by now I would have been approached by members of the ‘ambulance chasing’ legal fraternity offering to sue the Police Authority on a ‘no win, no fee basis’ and would stand a very good chance of a hefty payout.

We are not in the U.K or the U.S.A, we are in the TRNC, but knowing the legal fraternity here always has its eye on the main chance, I am a little surprised I have not been approached.

I do realise that I am very fortunate to be the sort of person who is not too fazed by what is happening to me. I do not mean to underplay the effect it is having on me. I do not sleep well and indeed after a few sleepless nights I have to resort to taking a sedative. My health is suffering and as I do already suffer from permanent lung disease, it is not helping my condition.

You would be forgiven, reading as you do of my many adventures, for thinking that I am a young trouble making hooligan. Far from it, I am 66 years old and, until the last couple of years, I had never even been so much as even pseudo arrested. A parking offence was my greatest sin in the U.K.

I know that many Turkish Cypriots reading this will be appalled to realise that the Police are behaving in this way towards an elderly, law abiding guest in your country. The sad part is, it is happening to others too. Look at Geoff Day, the victim of blackmail by his builder, kept in prison for 3 days, subjected to a trial that lasted over two years with 65 court appearances, had his passport confiscated for the whole of that period and then found Not Guilty.

This on top of the problem of having my villa auctioned to pay a mortgage debt not incurred by me, having my villa criminally and forcibly repossessed and now being threatened with pseudo arrest if I dare take a picture of it from the roadside..

Kulaksiz 5 face many, many more court appearances here in the TRNC and if Justice does not prevail here, the long long ordeal of the ECHR case in Strasbourg. Our only mistake, we unwittingly became the victims of a scam.

Pauline Read CIOJ





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