Pollymarples interviews Pauline Read about Kulaksiz 5

This article is in an unusual format in that Pauline Read is interviewed by her alter ego, Pollymarples. Pauline felt that as Pollymarples knows her better than anyone else ever could, she is the one to ask the questions that you, the readers might like the answers to. Pauline would like to point out that the opinions given are hers and can no way be attributed to the rest of Kulaksiz 5.

Pollymarples; Pauline when did you first become aware of the mortgages on your villa and indeed on the whole of Kulaksiz 5?

Pauline: I first became aware on the 6th March 2008 whilst Registering my Contract of Sale at the Land Registry Office (Tapu) where they asked me to sign something in Turkish confirming that I had been made aware. I did sign, but took the precaution of writing ‘Without Prejudice’ above the sentence they asked me to sign under, simply because I had no idea what it said and did not want it used against me in the future.

Pollymarples: Prior to this, were you quite happy with your villa and the Builder and Landowner?

Pauline: No, I moved into my villa in March 2006 and by June 2006 it was apparent that the build was very sub-standard and inferior materials had been used in its construction. The pool had to be emptied, attempts to find of the cause of the leaks found and dealt with five times before the pool eventually was made watertight.

Pollymarples: Well that doesn’t sound so bad, was that the only problem?

Pauline: No, far from it. One morning in June Agile went into the bathroom and called to me to come and look. There was a crack that went over the washbasin, through the tiles and up toward the ceiling. This caused us to start looking more closely for other problems which we soon found.

Pollymarples: So what was the reaction of the builder when you pointed these problems out to him?

Pauline: He was very concerned and decided that, yes there were many problems and that yes, under the guarantee he would remedy all these problems.

Pollymarples: So did the builder put these problems right straight away?

Pauline: No, he decided that it would be better to wait until after the first substantial rains of the winter and to monitor the situation and see how much more movement occurred during the summer.

Pollymarples: Were you happy with this?

Pauline: Happy, is not my word of choice. It did not seem unreasonable and since the builder had agreed to move us elsewhere whilst the work was done, I was reasonably content with the arrangement.

Pollymarples: Did the condition worsen whilst waiting for the winter rains?

Pauline; Oh yes, so much so that I called in a Chartered Surveyor, Stuart Hilliard, and on the 1st November 2006 he conducted a survey of my villa.

Pollymarples: What did he find?

Pauline: Many things were wrong with the villa but most importantly the structure was compromised. The floors in two bedrooms were showing evidence of depression (I can empathise with them.) More, and quite significant, cracks had appeared. There was significant structural movement in the hallway partition wall and movement and water penetration below the windows. Horizontal cracks had appeared along the head of the ground beam to the left of the front door and on and on. Mr Hilliard noted that that the general build quality of the property could only be considered to be less than fair.

Pollymarples: So when did the builder carry out the promised remedial work?

Pauline: As promised, after the first significant rain they came, and in fairness, did not leave until they finished the work.

Pollymarples: So where were you at the time when all this was going on?

Pauline: The builder kept his promise and we moved across the road into the home of another K5 resident along with all our furniture.

Pollymarples: Did you have the work supervised?

Pauline: Yes, we employed Mr Hilliard to do that for us and of course, being just across the road, we kept a close eye on them too.

Pollymarples: Did they do the work satisfactorily?

Pauline: On the face of it, they appeared to, but the old saying ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks’ comes to mind.

Pollymarples: Whatever do you mean by that?

Pauline: Well, within a few months, all the old symptoms started to reappear. The cracks, the damp, the sloping floors, you name it, had reappeared.

Pollymarples: But you had someone overseeing the first remedial work and that could not have been cheap.

Pauline: No it wasn’t, it cost £775.00 for the service but in all fairness, it did look as if the problems had been rectified.

Pollymarples: So what happened?

Pauline: In April 2008 the builder brought in his own Structural Engineer and he supervised the same work being done all over again. The Structural Engineer was only ever introduced to us as Mohammed.

Pollymarples: So the builder moved you out again?

Pauline: Oh no, by this time, things were getting tight with the builder. We had to live in the house with the work going on around us, only two rooms were usable and Agile put as much of our furniture as he could into the back of a Transit van. I can recommend this as a good way to lose weight.

————– Part 2 tomorrow ————


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