“Pauline Read has touched a nerve in Akfinans Bank’s boardroom”

I am almost riveted to NCFP and the various forums in North Cyprus at the moment. Why? Well, clearly Pauline Read has touched a nerve in Akfinans Bank’s boardroom. Why else would they be reacting in the way that they are? I feel that Pauline Read is very close to revealing something they just do not want put out into the public domain. That maybe she knows more than even she realises.

In reading the answers to the Press Release published in some Turkish language newspapers I am reading comments by the Bank through their legal team that even the infamous former British Newspaper ‘News of the World’ would have backed off from. To demand her deportation really shows she has gotten very close to the truth and they want her silenced. Referring to Ms Read and her partner as lover and mistress is terminology you would read in the gutter press. Let us not forget these are two British pensioners in the winter of their life, in a long term relationship akin to marriage and if this is the best this mediocre legal team can come up with it makes me want to question the bank on their choice of legal representation.

Let us also not forget that Ms Read and her partner are accused of viciously attacking men many years their junior with baseball bats. Why are they accused of such a heinous crime, because someone, unknown to them was breaking into their property. I am a reasonably young and fit man, and I have to say I would challenge any intruder on my property with whatever weapon came to hand. However, as I understand it Ms Read was not present and her partner has a disability in his hands, so how can we be asked to believe such nonsense. This also, if I am not misunderstanding what I am reading, is a new allegation and that previously the Bank alleged that only Ms. Read’s partner was involved in the baseball attack. Are they using this fictitious attack to justify driving a car at speed at a human being? In Britain, even if Ms. Read’s partner had been holding a baseball bat, driving a car at him (a lethal weapon) would be considered ‘unreasonable force’. However, they are not in Britain and I do not believe her partner attacked them at all.

To Akfinans Bank Limited I will say, you have opened a can of worms. You have shown you are prepared to say or do anything to justify the unjustifiable. From now on, every time you open your mouth you will put your foot in it. Ms. Read has tried in her very amateurish and untrained way to bring your unacceptable behaviour to the attention of the decent men and women of North Cyprus. She is paying a very heavy price for her bravery. You are not bringing anything to yourselves but the contempt of those who see how you are behaving. To cause loss of electricity to old men and women living in fear, fear of you, on K5 is your worst mistake yet. I am sure you have many plans to do even worse, but I caution you, just how much more do you think you will be able to get away with or buy your way out of? From where I sit here in the UK cocooned from your evil reach, I see your days as numbered.

In North Cyprus you be a big fish in a small pond, in the UK Akfinans you are nothing.

Peter Wright

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