North Cyprus Property | Talat Kurşat Press Release issued on behalf of Akfinans Bank

I received this email as part of mailing sent to all the newspapers who carried the Press Release concerning Pauline Read and am publishing it unedited for legal reasons.

“Dear Sirs/Mesdames,


This e mail is addressed to all of the newspapers who carried the Press Release issued by the Talat Kursat legal practice on behalf of Akfinans Bank Limted.

I did not receive any telephone calls from those who published to ascertain whether the allegations contained therein were true, in the interest of balanced reporting this should have been the very least an experienced journalist would have done. That you published it without even a cursory check is bad, that you published it in your native language, which is not my native language merely compounds the act. For this reason, I demand a translation from you all.

I demand the right of reply from each and every newspaper who did publish this article which is nothing more than a ‘character assassination’ and totally without foundation.

I will not publish my telephone number but it is easily obtained by asking the law firm responsible for this Press Release. I have no doubt that they have it, as from reading the Press Release they have access to much that they should not since I am not, nor have I ever been their client. Much that was published is in no way connected to the case between Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited.

I believe in publishing this Press Release both my privacy as a private individual and my Human Rights have been violated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I await your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Pauline Ann Read”

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