North Cyprus Property Auction | Gary Robb Auction Postponed

The excellent news of today is that the North Cyprus Property Auction scheduled to take place on the 27th November has been postponed.

Pembe and I have been lobbying long and hard and it looks as if some of our work has paid dividends. We both wish to thank the Estate Agents Association, who we know has had several meetings at the Ministry of the Interior and we believe has been a major player in achieving this result.

As you will be aware from previous reports we also sought the help of the Minister of Finance Mr. Ersin Tatar and we know he has played a role in achieving this result.

However, I would point out that this is a postponement, our real aim is CANCELLATION of all such Auctions whilst the Government review the whole scenario whereby innocent purchasers stand to lose their homes after purchase because errant landowners/builders and developers conspire with Banks and Creditors to use property as collateral for loans when that property and land that was no longer available for that purpose.

As committee members of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus we will continue to lobby for total change so that no longer will the innocent live in fear of losing their homes. No longer will our homes be held to ransom by the greedy Banks and Creditors.

On Monday, thanks to the Estate Agents Union, we will be meeting with more influential people and our aim is to STOP this barbaric practice. To have new laws that outlaw this practice.

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group is the brain child of its founder John Good, without his idea I doubt we would be in the position we are in today, to be able to talk to senior members of Government and have them listen to us and act.

Most victims love North Cyprus, why else would they buy here? We are told the properties here are cheap, well I personally cannot accept that. We all know that market values are set by supply and demand. We all paid what was demanded of us, we all were assured it was safe to buy here. We were all told that the legal system which we followed would protect us. It failed so many of us, but now we see that some of those in authority are recognising the injustices and are trying to correct them.

Mr Tatar the Finance Minister has a Bill, which if accepted into law will be a step in the right direction to curb the excesses of the Banks. The public should stand full square behind this brave Minister and give his Bill our full support.

If you love the TRNC as much as I do, you will want to see her strong, vibrant and healthy. Together we can all work to achieve this aim. This is a start but there is still much to be done.

Never give in never give up

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