Cyprus Star – 18/11/2011

There is so much news in this edition that it would take too long to summarise the stories so I suggest those who can buy the newspaper should do so for 2TL. Much cheaper than Cyprus Today.

This time Turkish Cypriots – next time British? – coverage of the outrage expressed by a Turkish Cypriot who, unable to afford Universal Bank’s high interest rates, had his property auctioned. A 300,000 TL debt was inflated by Universal Bank to 1.8m TL and so £2.5 worth of property was auctioned and Universal bank attempted to buy it for £700,000. Several people affected by these inflated interest rates spoke to Cyprus Star

Several environmental articles:

  • Primary School draws attention to Teknecik dangers
  • Kuskor still working for the environment
  • This is nothing but murder!
  • Why are we using chemicals in TRNC?
  • Students protest over plans for hotel and casino
  • Residents react against seven-story building
  • Modern landfill to replace Dikmen

Incirli Cave to be promoted

Minibus drivers aggrieved




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