North Cyprus Lawyer | Mehmet Kaptan Bensen – Back in Action

North Cyprus Lawyer | Mehmet Kaptan Bensen - Back in ActionNorth Cyprus Lawyer | Mehmet Kaptan Bensen – Back in Action

I have some news for all our members. Mehmet is going to endeavour to spend the weekdays here in north Cyprus, week starting the Monday 8th April 2013. For existing clients this means he will be available to see you and to attend court for those of you who have ongoing cases in court. As those who do have cases in the court know, every appearance has been covered by his colleague during this difficult time. This also means he will be available to take on new clients too.

His wife will remain in hospital in Istanbul and Mehmet will travel there each weekend to be with her. Obviously, any major deterioration in his wife’s health will necessitate his returning immediately. I am sure you all join in with me wishing his wife well and sending our best wishes and our prayers for the time this lovely family can be together here at home in north Cyprus.

The publication of this short response has been prompted by the receipt of an email suggesting the link to Mehmet’s website on NCFP be removed since Mehmet has disappeared. This is not going to happen and the idea he has disappeared is untrue and disingenuous.

If any one wants more detail on the situation, regular posts have appeared Free Legal Advice North Cyprus

Legal Eagle has published an article on NCFP as recently as the 10th March 2013.

I know all members of the original STBINC and FLANC support Mehmet and I know NCFP does too.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read






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