North Cyprus Property | Kyerson Homes Fiasco


North Cyprus Property | Kyerson Homes Fiasco

Kyerson Homes, Kyerson Homes? When I read this a bell starting ringing. Ah yes, I remember, other victims were in court as recently as the end of last year. I do not have their permission to name them, so I won’t.

A blast from the past though. In 2007, Kyerson Homes were featured in Cyprus Today. It was about Pam and John McNicol whose problems were not only featured in Cyprus Today but also on the UK Channel 4 TV programme ‘Selling Houses Abroad.’ You can read the account of the McNicol’s property problems in the copy of Cyprus Today below. Have these problems been addressed for the McNicols? I do not know, I would like to though.

What I do know is that there are still purchasers of Kyerson’s experiencing problems. Allegedly, the developer and landowner have fallen out. Allegedly, one of the purchasers was called upon to give evidence in favour of the landowner and did so. Was there any gratitude from the landowner? No, the case in December 2012 involves the landowner allegedly de-registering the Contract of Sale for some of the purchasers. Now wait a minute, wasn’t the law changed in 2008 when all purchasers were allowed to retrospectively register their Contracts (their interest) at the Tapu? Wasn’t this said to be a marvellous step forward in protecting foreign home-buyers? This was part of the Estate Agency Act put on the statute books in 2008. If the purchasers are so protected then how can it be that the landowner (who took their money) is allowed to de-register a Contact, how come the Tapu is allowing this?

What was the point of changing the law and registering the Contract, certainly not free of charge? Some spent as much as £600 for their Advocate to do this. Sorry, rhetorical question when you become aware of the fact that the Tapu are ignoring an Enforcement Order by a Judge to sell the assets covered by a memorandum in Pauline Read’s favour. So the victim (cash cow) gets milked again, the pound signs are shining in their eyes and another scam is born.

This Government wonders why there is no confidence in the property market. They will tell you new safeguards are in place to protect purchasers. I tell them, your safeguards are not working. Greed is alive and well in north Cyprus.

Never give in, never give up.


North Cyprus Property - Kyerson Homes Fiasco



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