North Cyprus Law | What to do if a Government Office fails in their Duty

North Cyprus Law | If Government Office fails in their DutyQu: What can you do if the Police or Land Registry Office or any government office refuses to use their authority or refuses to do their duty?

An “Order of Mandamus’’ means an order issuing out of the Supreme Court (Appeal Court) requiring some person or body of persons, having a duty imposed on him or them by law, to perform some act which he/she or they are legally bound to perform in the discharge of such duty. As you can see an Order of Mandamus can be obtained from the TRNC Supreme Court sitting as the Court of Appeal. This court is composed of three Supreme Court Judges. One of these judges would hear the application for leave and give leave before your Mandamus application can be heard at the Court of Appeal.

Once you have obtained Leave to file a Mandamus application from one of the Supreme Court Judges you can file your Mandamus application and then your application would be heard by the Court and the Court would decide where or not they shall give an Order of mandamus.

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