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Popular Science News – Photoreading and Photomaths are terms you won’t hear much as they are fringe learning techniques which up until recently lacked research support. Ran Hassin’s research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, however, is being reported as showing that after a quick look at text or a simple mathematical calculation, the information is stored in your brain and subconsciously processed. The results of these calculations are not consciously available to us without using further techniques but Hassin’s research showed the mathematical calculations had been done.

In this research a three part calculation was flashed into the left eye while patterns are flashed in the right eye, the eye which usually dominates awareness. This was followed by a number being shown which the volunteer had to say. If the number was the same as the answer to the three part calculation then the volunteer usually repeated it more quickly than if it wasn’t.

The technique of PhotoReading is based on the assumption that we all have photographic memories if we can enter into the right frame of mind to use it. Using this technique, it is said, a person can ‘read’ a page a second. Once a book has been ‘photographed’ the next stage is to process the information using techniques such as mind-mapping. If you’re interested, more information can be found at Speed Reading

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