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“We are proud to have a highly dedicated and experienced team of legal proffessionals, Principal Solicitor, Mr **** *****, others solicitors include, Miss ********, Paralegal, Ms Pembe Aydoğuş, training solicitors and support and researching staff, all working for our firm who pride themselves on the quality of the services they provide. ********* has a great reputation in achieving successful results in trademark court cases.” []

I have no reason to believe that the above Advocates used the lady in question for anything other that clerical work and to assist the legally qualified.

This appeared and still appears on the webpage of a Kyrenia Advocate. The reason I have deleted the names is because the lady whose name I have not deleted no longer works for this Advocate and I understand that allegedly she did not leave under the best of terms.

This is a genuine part of the webpage and in the interest of avoiding being hauled to the Police Station, the link has been included to corroborate its authenticity.

No one doubts that in 2002 this lady, in another surname, did obtain the qualification of Paralegal in the UK. It has been confirmed. What is important is that this qualification is allegedly not a recognised legal qualification with which to practise law in the TRNC.

For your own protection I urge all those seeking legal redress in the TRNC to use a fully qualified Advocate with a Law degree. Remember if your Legal Adviser gets it wrong, you can sue for damages. It used to be difficult to find an Advocate to sue and Advocate. That has now changed.


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