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Popular Science News | Bergamot OrangePopular Science News – the Bergamot Orange, or Citrus bergamia, is cultivated in Antalya, Turkey, for the production of Marmalade. It is a remarkable plant whose medicinal uses have recently come to the attention to scientists as an alternative to cholesterol busting statins.

The fruit tastes somewhere between lemon and grapefruit juice and is used in the production of Early Grey tea.

The active ingredients in bergamot juice include Melitidin and brutieridin, only recently discovered, and which exist only in citrus bergamot, and exhibit statin-like properties.

“The bergamot orange, grown in the Mediterranean, is being hailed as ‘nature’s statin’. It contains chemicals called citrus polyphenols that appear to block production of blood fats, boost metabolism and prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut.

Doctors who gave the extract to heart patients and diabetics claim dramatic benefits. Some of their patients have avoided taking statins, which may have side-effects.

Research on more than 200 patients with high levels of blood fats, carried out by the University of Cantanzaro in Italy, found ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) reduced by 39 per cent after a month of taking the extract. It also reduced blood sugars by 22 per cent and raised ‘good’ cholesterol by 41 per cent.” [Daily Mail]

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