North Cyprus Law | Choosing a Professional Lawyer

North Cyprus Law | Choosing a Professional Lawyer

As a lay person it would seem to me that as well as having a legal representative who is skilled and fully qualified, you would also need someone with the professionalism in their dealings with the public. How do you check out whether a legal representative is as they seem? One way quite common in the UK, used by many employers when looking for an employee, is to search social media to see how their potential employee conducts him/herself in the public eye. FaceBook and Twitter being the usual first choice. This process can be a very efficient tool for an employer, especially when looking for key staff or perhaps to engage the services of a professional. Better to find out now whether they are as professional as they appear, rather than once contracts are signed.

In order to put this article together, I looked up a few north Cyprus legal advisers on FaceBook to see what would result. I was please to note that most Advocates seem to carry themselves well in the public eye. I was somewhat surprised however when I was contacted by someone who had been signed up to a very strange FaceBook page demanding Pauline Read to be deported. I had a look at!/groups/1375724352664277/ and was surprised by a few people I recognised commenting on it. Not very nice comments either. One of them currently offers legal services in north Cyprus. I must say, I would be put off using them after reading what they’d written.

I know Pauline as a fellow contributor to NCFP and so phoned her for her reaction. She tells me she is very flattered by the attention, extremely amused and somewhat baffled that she seems to be the centre of some people’s lives. I asked about the YouTube video and she tells me it was taken directly outside the court room door at a K5 hearing. She went on to tell me that her then Advocate had told her it was illegal to film there but that since it was so petty and childish she had not pursued it.

I did ask Pauline what she intended to do about it, was she going to report it to FaceBook? She laughed and said no, that would be taking it seriously when all it is is a childish attempt at a joke and she is sure no one takes it seriously, certainly not her.

Well it seems that this barb might have a boomerang effect since the object of the exercise finds it all very childish and to be involved in such actions reflects badly on those who do.

Dominic Freeman

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