Cyprus Law | Why Pauline Read Deportation Call Will be Ignored

Cyprus Law | Why Pauline Read Deportation Call Will be Ignored

‘Love her or hate her, it seems no matter what, you will not be able to ignore her’ is a common phrase used by Pauline Read. The degree of this hate towards her in certain quarters is typified by a second call for her deportation via a cowardly and childish FaceBook attack. Interestingly both calls have been made by people who wrongly believe, in my opinion, they would benefit from her permanent absence from north Cyprus. Is this call from them really based on sound logic or is it stupidity on their part? I have been giving some thought to this and have concluded there could be some very positive benefits to Pauline if she were deported. I have to admit though that intelligent people in the government would have come to these same conclusions and would have rejected these deportation calls outright, without the need for a moment’s consideration.

1. Pauline would be denied her legal right to her day in court, vis-a-vis her on-going Kulaksiz 5 case. By not being able to stay in north Cyprus or to enter north Cyprus to give evidence at the hearing (if needed) she in effect could be considered to have been denied the right to exhaust all local legal remedies. This could then mean she could immediately lodge a case with the ECHR rather than wait the many years it appears K5 will have to? Indeed deportation could be handing her the means to end this nightmare. Certainly there are those in the legal profession here who have already voiced the opinion that many of things that have already happened to her have violated her rights and she would have a strong case at the ECHR.

2. When she first read of the suggestion that she be deported she came out publicly and allegedly said “she would be carried screaming and kicking onto the plane in north Cyprus, screaming and kicking off the plane in London, get in a taxi, go to the TRNC office in London and chain herself to its railings and then go on a hunger strike”. Knowing her tenacity, I for one do not doubt that is exactly what she would do. The UK and international media would be more than a little interested in an old lady doing this and want to know why.

3. She could publish her book about her experiences in north Cyprus without fearing a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Ask yourself why a lady in her 69th year presents such a threat to those calling for her deportation. Rhetorical question, as she would say.

Dominic Freeman

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