North Cyprus Law | Call to Reciprocate Asil Nadir Legal Aid

North Cyprus Law | Call to Reciprocate Asil Nadir Legal AidWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Law – Call to Reciprocate Asil Nadir Legal Aid

Whilst the British legal profession protest at the ‘cutting’ of legal aid, it seems that the north Cyprus profession see nothing wrong in allowing the system to show its bias against a group of ex pats who have already paid their Advocate £1500 each, being asked to cough up thousands in fees to have new cases submitted, amendments added, appeal dates applied for and even those who had not had their properties illegally taken, having to fund cases to try to halt the repossession of their homes by eviction.

Eviction cases being heard whilst the outcome of the main case is not known….what is that about and how can it even be just to allow such cases? It took extended and expensive legal action to obtain an Injunction from the High Court to stop the villas being sold until the outcome of the case is known and now the same Judge thought it proper to cancel the Kulaksiz 5 case because of a clerical error by the very system we are all asked to trust. How can this happen in the 21st century? Indeed how can this whole case be necessary in the 21st century? It is interesting that the same Judge who consistently said ‘NO’ to an Injunction is the same Judge who cancelled their case. Why is he even still hearing this case?

How can it be that millionaire business man Asil Nadir received legal aid from the UK system, yet in the land of his birth, north Cyprus, impoverished victims of property fraud there are still having to dig deep, beg or borrow the money to even try to obtain justice.


Pauline Read

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