Cyprus News | Bronze Age Make-up Workshop Discovered

Cyprus News – Bronze Age Make-up Workshop Discovered

Archaeologists have discovered a 4,000 year-old collection of make-up in Limassol. Unlike previous discoveries around the world, where the make-up had been for one-off personal use:

“This is a unique discovery as in Egypt, palettes were found but they were linked to tombs and were therefore evidence that they were cosmetics for personal use. At Pyrgos the palettes for cosmetics were linked to a workshop which means the cosmetics were produced for sale and not for personal use. This is the most recent archaeological site at Pyrgos. There is no evidence that the cosmetics were used in the late Bronze Age so it is believed they date around 2,000 BCE in the early Bronze Age.”

The find included 70 stone palettes used to mix the ingredients, 50 pestles and ochre nuggets were also found.

“In the same room a rare workshop for trinket jewellery made of picrolite and shell, including 37 different pieces of picrolite and 58 shells was identified. Archeometry investigations revealed that the processed minerals and substances came from the surrounding area and that, within the limits of the samples examined, there were few ingredients coming from abroad.”

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