North Cyprus Law | Advocates Strike Over ‘Unacceptable’ Loan Law Changes

North Cyprus Law | Advocates Strike Over ‘Unacceptable’ Loan Law Changes

By not attending district court proceedings on Friday, Advocates all over north Cyprus made their feelings clear about the changes to the Loan Law which they feel are unacceptable. The Head of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association, Unver Bedevi, claimed the amendments to this law are a serious violation of the law and had been finalised without seeking the views of his association.

The amendment proposed to cancel earlier court orders and wipe out debts, something which they considered unacceptable and felt it would damage the system. Mr Unver went on to say,”Parliament’s duty is to make laws and cannot interfere in the authority of the executive in this way. With statements made, politicians are deceiving the public, but people are capable of seeing this”.

It is alleged that Advocates are now indefinitely boycotting court proceedings until their concerns are addressed.

BKP general secretary, Uzzet Uzcan, was quoted in Cyprus Today as saying “Banks in this part of the island have become the biggest loan sharks.” Oops Mr Uzcan, haven’t you heard of Bank Law 39/2001. I am glad I did not say that.

Of course the sad death of Can Denktas by his own hands is a recent reminder of what a devastating effect debt can have on anyone’s state of mind.

Kulaksiz 5 is yet another example of what a devastating effect debt can have on pensioners’ state of mind, that combined with the the threat of losing their homes, even though the debt is NOT theirs. An interest rate of 250% annually will surely be a burden to anyone, and frankly anyone signing that must have been of unsound mind to sign up to it.

See page 4 of Saturday’s (30.03.2013) Cyprus Today for more details of this story.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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