MNCBM open letter to NCFP – North Cyprus Property Problem

We have been asked by Make North Cyprus Better Movement to publish the following. I think all of us will agree we would like the see MNCBM succeed in their endeavours to help each and every property scam victim. Of course the mortgage victims are important but so are all the other victims with a myriad of different and often complex problems.

Criticism is we know very easy to level from the comfort of our armchairs, the best way for MNCBM to silence this is to prove critics wrong. We at NCFP wish Chairman Rahmi Ozsan, Vice Chairman Atitila Berberoglu Joint Secretary Malcolm Mitcheson, Joint Secretary Gultac Ozsan and of course Hon Legal Adviser Boysan Boyra all the best of luck in all their endeavours.

We would particularly like to say to Advocate Boysan Boyra, you are a brave man. You have taken on a system that appears to have closed ranks against you and yet you battle on. We know God is on the side of the righteous and if your are forced to obtain justice in Strasbourg through the ECHR we know it will be because there was no other choice. We at NCFP salute you, the honest, hard working men and women of North Cyprus, your fellow Patriots, salute you.

Hello again all

We were not expecting to update you so early but yesterday our bulletin was posted on North Cyprus Free Press pages. Good so far, but then a series of comments was posted which were untrue, I think someone just makes them up out of mischief. We have had this before and can only guess at the reason why. So we have asked then to post the following open letter to put things straight. You may draw your own conclusions on this hostility. Should you have any questions about us please do get in touch direct or ask for a meeting with us.

Malcolm Mitcheson
Joint Sec. MNCB

Copy Open Letter to NCFP.

We would be pleased, in the interests of Free Speech in North Cyprus, if you would post this letter on the NCFP site to clear up any misunderstandings arising from your posting today about MNCBM and the “respondents” comments

Thanks to Dominic Freeman for posting our update to conference delegates on the NCFP. We did not have email for all delegates and encountered some difficulties in deciphering all the email addresses given. Your publication will help fill in the gaps. If anyone reading the MNCBM article, who is interested in receiving an update on MNCM progress, please email [email protected] or [email protected] and we will have them added to the mailing list.

MNCBm are pleased to note that with over 250 viewings by 9pm this has proved to be one of NCFP most read articles of the day. Thank you again, we appreciate NCFP help in getting our message over to the public. As a result we have had new messages of encouragement.

However, we also noted that the few comments under various pseudonyms look to have an odd bias. Could this be just a critique amongst you and associates? Are the critical respondents wanting a solution to the property problems or just criticising those who do? Perhaps, Pauline more transparency in this would help your readers.

MNCBM are totally up front with their clear single objective, it is to persuade TRNC government to adopt our 8 proposals, this is public knowledge and will not change. Our method of achieving change is flexible, our objective is not.

With regard to your “respondents” comments. Sorry Pauline that you were missed off our post conference delegate email briefing note. On examination of the registration sheets we find you did not fill in the email reply column. So you being missed off was entirely down to you. We have had the odd mistake on this first circulation with some typos too, these we think have now been corrected. Had you sent an email direct to us we would have immediately brought you up to speed, we have no wish to exclude anyone, friend or foe, from our efforts to find a solution to the property problems. We have now included you in future email updates.

MNCB is a Euro-Anglo-Cypriot movement dedicated to solving the the TRNC property problem, with no wish to duplicate the worthy aims of other groups active in this field, or tread on their toes. We applaud the combined efforts of any group who help solve the thousands of problems with property ownership. We will vigorously put forward our solutions too in any way we believe will be most effective.

MNCM do have a different approach to the powers that be in TRNC. We are not looking to be an organisation in competition with others for members, our numbers are not important but our aims are. We are a small task force and aim to keep it this way for the time being. We have told our supporters exactly what our objectives are with our 8 point proposal. Up to the time of writing we have had no-one disagree with these proposals. It is clear that resolution of these points are in everyones interest. We trust NCFP will agree with this.

Although our objective is simple we have no doubt that the way to a solution will have many twists and turns. We can already see signs that our entry has started to re-energise other groups, this is an excellent by product of our launch. We can only hope this leads to an early end to the agonies of those caught up in the property problems. We do not care who gets credit for this solution, we just want to see it resolved sooner rather than later.

Your “respondents” are critical of the lack of Cypriot attendance at the inaugural briefing. The fact that we advise our supporters of some of the intimidation some Cypriots are also having is important. For according to our knowledge the property problem is as great if not greater with Cypriot families as with ex pats. The explanation to our supporters as to why more Cypriots did not come to our conference has been widely welcomed. We need to be transparent about these issues otherwise we would lack credibility. We are quite happy to explain if things do not go according to plan.

In time we anticipate that Cypriots with property problems will be emboldened enough to make their discomfort more public. These people have votes, please do not underestimate their combined influence on the solution that we seek for all home buyers. Motivating Cypriot involvement, even by Cypriots, may be difficult but it will have a greater influence on Government and add more momentum for the changes we would all like to see.

The fact that we are a problem solving movement and not a protest movement does not imply that we do not act for change just as passionately or effectively. The protest movements are vital to the change process, as is the K5 Group ECHR cases shortly to be followed by others. We just have a different approach and are gratified by the support and encouragement given to us to date. Ex pat infighting and criticism of the efforts of others by to find a solution by your “respondents” will not help this cause one iota.

The point your “respondent” made in the NCFP comments on ECHR progress is also inaccurate. In practical terms, Richard Barclay is the prime driving force for the K5 Group ECHR process and much is going on behind the scenes. Boyson Boyra is K5 Group solicitor/advocate and hon legal advisor to MNCBM, his office agrees with Richard being named as the driving force for the ECHR case. This has also been confirmed by K5 Group Spokesperson Bob French.

Your “respondent” also refers to the joint secretary of MNCBM as a former member of the BRS property sub-committee, wrong again, our joint secretary was just invited to join the BRS main committee in June.

I trust this clarifies the points your “respondents” are clearly unclear about.

Malcolm Mitcheson
Joint Secretary MNBM.”

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