The new Make North Cyprus Better Movement has now been established as an NGO. For those of you, like me, like to give things their full title, NGO stands for Non Governmental Organisation.

The world is full of NGOs, we at the Stop the Blackmail could claim the same status but it isn’t the title that gets things done, it is the people within the group who’s hard work and iniative, who’s sheer determination often against great odds achieves the objectives and goals of that group.

So to MNCBM I say, keep up the good work, Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus support your 8 points proposal and objectives.

If it comes to the point where a demonstration is deemed necessary, please seek permission of the Government for foreigners to join in, I will be there alongside you and I believe so will many of our members both Turkish Cypriot and NTC ‘s (Non Turkish Cypriots).

The details of the new NGO status of the MNCBM are here in Turkish and English.

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