DONKEY DERBY – Sunset Beach Sunday 28th August at 3.00 pm

The highlight of the Donkey calendar year is due to take place on Sunday 28th August 2011 at Sunset Beach. The event starts at 3.00 p.m and finishes at 5.00 p.m.

There will be fun and games for all. If you wish to gamble and risk your shirt, not much of a gamble in this weather, who needs a shirt? Well if you are a person who likes to risk a bob or two then this is for you. Even if you lose, look at the beautiful donkeys who will benefit from your attendance and generosity.

There will also be a raffle with lots of donkey ‘themed’ prizes. Sunset Beach is there to cater for your needs, this gambling can be thirsty work, and of course snacks and meals will be available too.

Shelley and Ken need your support. Anyone who travels the road into Girne, just before the by-pass will see the six lovely donkeys who will benefit from your support. We all read about the new addition who arrived on the same day that William and Kate tied the knot, a little girl donkey aptly named Kate, well I hope it is a little girl or Shelley has a wicked sense of humour.

You all know my weakness for donkeys by my stories of my extended family in the Karpas. Dolores, who has a penchant for Spanish dancing, her offspring Del and Rio and of course her former husband Donkey(ote) famous for his exploits in Spain too. I really must visit them again soon.

If you want to help a really good cause and have a relaxing afternoon out, visit the Donkey Derby on Sunday. Sunset Beach has 2 pools and apparently there will be music there in the evening with the famous Elvis. I wonder if it’s the one that works in our Fish and Chip shop?

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