Lawyers say, pay the ransom or your villa gets it!

Lawyers by Honoré Daumier

Lawyers by Honoré Daumier

Well I was going to call the article “TRNC Bar Council conference 9th Oct 09” but I could hear the yawn a mile off. There was little hope at the conference for those with property problems except that the fact the meeting was held at all reinforced the feeling that lawyers were worried about the poor reputation they had in the eyes of homebuyers. They also confirmed the uselessness of the contracts they wrote for considerable sums of money by saying that rather than homebuyers trying to get the builder to do what it said, they should instead pay the ransom they demanded in order to get their deeds.

It was just like when the Property Complaints Office was opened and the government of the time promised a better future, and we know what happened to the PCO. In a roundabout way the lawyers blamed the British colonists for leaving them with ineffective 50 year old laws which the law makers obviously hadn’t been given enough time to change.  They also gave the impressions that BARO was unable to control its members or even to set professional standards for them to follow. There is plenty of evidence that the legal profession is good at protecting its own members but very little that it can protect its clients.

After the meeting Cyprus44 forum member Elko2 wrote, “I have just spoken on the phone to the General Secretary of Baro and he told me that fax messages have been flooding in.” FAX! Who on earth has a fax? I can still remember that little phrase my own lawyer used so often, “sorry I can’t see you, I’m in court in a few minutes.” This worked until the time I discovered the courts were closed that day.

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