Large Scale North Cyprus Fraud Being Ignored by Attorney General

There is little doubt that anyone who has found a mortgage or indeed a memorandum on their property after they contracted to buy and paid for their property have been subjected to an act a criminal fraud. With this in mind, all such victims should make a summary of their complaint with accompanying evidence and submit it to the Attorney General with a demand that a full enquiry is undertaken by the police/prosecution service.

In a country where fraud has always been swept under the carpet and described as only a civil matter, the evidence given by legal expert Ms. Emine Colak to the British High Court, and accepted by that Court in the case of:-

The Serious Organised Crime Agency Claimant/Appellant

– and –

Gary John Robb Defendant/Respondent

This makes the claim of fraud in these instances very much of the criminal variety. Dishonesty is the only requirement to make the fraud criminal. I think all can quite legitimately claim that the fraudulent acts perpetrated on them were premeditated and dishonest. The hearing I refer to took place on the 7, 8 and 9th of March and the full report came out on the 30/03/2012.

The important consideration in all these acts of criminal fraud has to be, did the courts or indeed the system in North Cyprus collude in any way in allowing the innocent to become the victims of such criminal fraud? One would like to think not. One would like to believe in Father Christmas too, but we are a little long in the tooth to do so.

The Attorney General should prepare himself for an onslaught of complaints.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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