Death of the North Cyprus Property Sector, of Fair Play, Justice and Hope in 8 Days

Now 8 days to Auction day. The day when North Cyprus will again have reason to hang its head in shame.

There is no pretence of sorrow or shame, the Government believe because it is lawful here (although arguably in very few other countries in the world) it absolves them of all blame.

From where most civilised people are standing it most certainly does not. For many years it has been patently obvious even to a partially sighted person that all has not been well in the Property sector. Many warnings have been sounded but all have fallen on deaf ears. It will be said that the previous Government is to blame, completely forgetting that the UBP party has been the party in power for many many years with a small hiatus when the CTP party held the reins. Blaming problems on their predecessors will not wash because the party in power has been the party in power for the majority of the time since the founding of the TRNC. One thing I think I can say with certainty, is that the Founding President would have acted decisively had this happened on his ‘watch’. How we miss the leadership and the humanity of the late Founder President of the TRNC, Mr. Rauf Raif Denktas.

In a major corporation, the buck stops on the desk of the CEO. How then can it be different when a country is involved. This has happened because no real structure and system of accountability has ever been in place, therefore the blame must lie with the senior politician in the current Government. How could it be any other way?

We watch with sorrow as the Minister of the Interior says no-one will be made homeless, totally disregarding the misery of the purchasers who would, had they been able to, be living in their homes on the Karmi site. The misery is compounded by the sheer lack of compassion being shown to these victims.

Make no mistake, more and more victims will follow, if you ignore this atrocity, you may be the next victim.

Be at the Auction on Sunday the 6th May 2012, wear black as befits a funeral. The death of the property sector, the death of fair play, the death of justice, the death of hope.

Be at the Coffee shop opposite Girne District Court, bring at least one flower to place in at the site where man’s inhumanity to man manifested itself.


If you care, be there.


Pandora S Box

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